Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Still Building!!

Wow we have done an amazing job building the forum back up from the troubles back in August 2013.  In fact we have done such a great job I personally have been too busy to post here! We have brought back a number of great members and gained a lot of new ones.

OH and before I forget the threads are teaching us a lot!!

Here are a few teasers to show you what I mean -

On May 15th Member dcstamps writes about album creation -

As many of you have probably seen, I create my own Stamp albums, customized for my area of collection and the specific stamps I have.   Some of the threads on Stamp Bears which I have shown the albums are:


While the designs are fairly simplistic, you can view all of the 160+ albums I have put together to date HERE.  I continually add to this list as I complete them.

Several folks have asked for more information on how I actually go about making these albums, so in response - I am creating this thread to walk through the process.

Over the next few weeks I will create two new albums (one small and one large) from scratch with uncatalogued stamps in my collection.  I will try and document all of the steps along the way: everything from scanning, identifying and cataloging to creating albums and displaying on the web.  I would hope this generates questions, comments and suggestions for improving the albums from our wonderful Stamp Bears members.  Hopefully we will all learn things. 
Read More - Here

 Are you a person who enjoys a lot (and i mean A LOT) of eye candy?

khj started a thread on stamp panes on March 12th that just keeps on going!!! In the opening post her writes -
You know how it goes.  You got the stamp, it fills the spot in your album.  You're happy.

You obtain a few duplicates over time.  Well, that's nice.   I can choose the best copy, trade the rest;  even if nobody wants them, the more the merrier.

Then you see attached multiples, plate blocks, booklets... and duplication becomes the rule, not the exception.

Then you see a stack of mint sheets, and the gears start moving in your brain (what's left).  Hmmm...

We call them mint sheets, but technically they are panes (I'll explain in another future thread).

Krash and Zeph's threads inspired me to start a thread for everyone to post their full intact panes of stamps.  All I ask is that they are full intact panes -- no half-sheets (e.g., US WWII panes must be complete matching pair), no souvenir sheets (that's for another thread;  unless it's a full intact pane of several souvenir sheets such as the CAPEX '78 panes), no booklet panes (that's for another future thread, too)...

Here are the links to Krash and Zeph's great threads:
Krash:  some of my full stamp panes
Zeph:  Zeph's US Sheets, mini-sheet, panes, etc. Collection

There are probably some other threads, but those 2 come to mind.

Because of the expense, I focus primarily on the contemporary regular issues (Liberty Series, Prominent Americans, Americana) and airmails, although I'll keep some commemoratives for various reasons.  I put limits, because it gets pretty painful on the wallet.

Show me yours because I'm gonna show you mine!

Remember, no pane no gain!

Read more: Here
Hopefully we will highlight a few more threads in the coming days and weeks. Remember to join in any of these conversations just register to join us at http://stampbears.net/

Keep it Stampy!!