Friday, March 30, 2012

A new era begins for Stamp Bears

This blog will be about a wonderful site called Stamp Bears... We are a stamp collecting community online that talks about all aspects of stamp collecting (and before you ask - NO not only bear stamps!!). We welcome all level of collector form the new person just starting out (young old does not really matter) to the investment collector who really wants to share all the information they have gained over the years.

From time to time we may post about a particularly interesting thread on the discussion forum, or about a particular stamp, country, or collection.... We may even just ramble on about how exciting a members sales are on a bidding site.. who knows at this point?

We welcome feed back and encourage collectors or other interested parties to join us at Stamp Bears.. Well its official Stamp Bears is on most Major social networks!!!

Happy Stamping -


  1. Definitely a great place to chat stamps

  2. Definitely a great place to discuss stamp collecting