Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Story

From time to time you find yourself in a conversation that wanders in many directions and leads to some really interesting ideas and/or memories.

Such a conversation occurred between the Administrating and Moderating team. Because I am an overly curious person at times, I thought it would be fun to share Our stories and see how the conversation turned out.

In order to facilitate this i started off the new topic with Some details such as
In later 2010 i was at work and more than a little frustrated that my hobby at the time was not "doing it" for me any more. i sat and thought about what i could get into that would not cost a ton and would hit on my personal interests (and not always interrupt the family if i could help it).. so Google being my friend got me searching. 

Recalling a stamp that was given to me years ago i thought i would look into stamp collecting. being (at the time) a moderator on a fish keeping site i was comfortable with forums and thought i would look for that type of place to get broken into the hobby. that day i signed up as a member on 2 boards. 

And then really opened up... But why Ruin the whole conversation? As we wait for member replies you can follow along The Story of Stamp Bears and its Members. We hope you may also share your experiences with us and help us in our persistent pursuit of growth and improvement.

Happy Stamping!!!


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