Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making Stamps Interactive.

At this point most folks know that the members and I at Stamp Bears are HUGE fans of keeping kids engaged, not only in the hobby but in the real world in general (I am not a video game fan). But how does one get (and keep) a child involved? We have written about topical collections, and even told a story through stamps. But sometime you need something a little more..

This can be a challenge, but, when the child already has creativity as a strength all you need to do is play on it. Now I don't like to brag (OK so maybe a little when it comes to my kids and grandchild) but my 7 year old is a wizard at creating games.

One day last week my wife and I were talking about one of the quize games we run on and how a few of our great members were simply winning as if there was no challenge at all. When suddenly from the back seat of the car came my child's voice "Hey, Hey why not mix the letters up in the name of the stamp and then mess with the picture and have them find it?"... I sat in silence for a moment digesting her words and thinking it out. With a flurry of excitement everyone started talking at once, my wife, my teenager, my 7 year old, and I all at once tossing ideas out to hone the plan. In the end no real changes needed to take place at all...

And so Little Monkey Bears Game was born... This thread has captivated our membership and we are considering making this a regular feature on the site. Visit here to see what the game looks like in action.

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