Thursday, June 28, 2012

IGATI - I'll Get Around To IT...

One of our valued members RossTO, wrote this wonderful thread in order to provoke the community into thinking about how they approach all those wonderful stamps that don't get mediate attention.

"IGATI. The 'I'll get around to it' pile of stuff we have in our collections. We all have it, usually buried in a corner of our stamp room, desk, where ever we work on our collections. I and the other half have a few of these all over the apartment (we don't have a room yet, but it is a requirement for when we buy the house). Sometimes it is just a cigar box of stuff, other times it is a garbage bag or two (or 10) of the stuff. For John and I it is a mix of all of that. Where does it all come from... well it seems the biggest culprit is kiloware. We have almost all bought it, and we all usually end up with a quantity of stuff we just don't want to deal with right away. Then it just seem to grow like lint balls under the furniture. 

What do you do with all of those stamps. Leaving them in bags is definitely not a good idea as over time they can get moisture into them. As for the cigar boxes, they are a little more safe but still over time they are not the best choice for storage. So, why don't you go grab a box/bag of this stuff an haul it over to your workspace. 

Usually you have this all off paper at this time. So if some of your IGATI is on paper, we know what you will be doing for the balance of this article Wink

Stamp General's Warning: never deal with all your IGATI at the same time. This can lead to eyestrain, back and neck pains, a painful derriere, over caffination, and in extreme cases a overwhelming urge to throw things or find the closest source of matches".....
 This article continues in great details and humor to share one of many methods on how to deal with this accumulation HERE. We invite you to read the rest of the article and share your thoughts on this subject that affects all stamp collectors.

As Always,
Happy Stamping!!


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