Thursday, June 13, 2013

Organizing stamps (not over all but the method)

On Stamp Bears we have talked about using boxes, bins, stock pages, stock books, albums, envelopes, and even ziplock bags to organize our collections. 

We have talked about working our way through a pile of mixed stamps and kiloware on more than one occasion. 

but we have never fully explored the order in which we organize our material into our collections. 

please allow me to expand on this thought. 

For example with my US & Canada collections i tend to work through all of the commemorative stamps first. Identifying, looking for variety's and then placing them in my album(s). and then later when time or the need for a challenge arises i will work on definitive issues. 

So i put forth this question to our members 

so how do YOU go through your material? what order is there to your organizing method?

I am eager to see their responses, and yours if you care to come share it with us. To see what our members say read More HERE ...

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