Friday, August 9, 2013

Short update

This is a copy and paste from our new home at

[quote author="@admin" source="/post/919/thread" timestamp="1376004300"]Before the history of our site is lost in the ashes of its previous incarnation i will recap where, how, and why we got started. Please bear with me as I recap our story.

originally i had posted in January 2013 -

[quote]In later 2010 i was at work and more than a little frustrated that my hobby at the time was not "doing it" for me any more. i sat and thought about what i could get into that would not cost a ton and would hit on my personal interests (and not always interrupt the family if i could help it).. so Google being my friend got me searching.

Recalling a stamp that was given to me years ago i thought i would look into stamp collecting. being (at the time) a moderator on a fish keeping site i was comfortable with forums and thought i would look for that type of place to get broken into the hobby. that day i signed up as a member on 2 boards.

one of these boards was nice enough at first but i found that more often than not my questions were met with an attitude that conveyed the overall membership was more interested in investment type collecting (not my thing) or they treated me with thin patience at best. over time (about 2 months) i had more than a few bump ins with the Administration and Moderators and chose to leave since i was feeling that they were generally targeting ANYONE who was not part of the inner click.

The other board lasted all of about 1 week. this fairly large forum treated me VERY poorly and started sending me emails about grammar and these often included direct personal insults. obviously i left them post haste!!! and have never looked back..

oh i was mad as a hatter!! so while venting to the better half one night she said (innocently enough) "So why not start your own forum?"

i sat in total stunned silence... i thought for what seemed like for ever but was all of 40-50 seconds, and replied "Will you help me?"... so the next day on March 12th 2011 Stamp Bears was born under the name "Bears Stamp Family"... over the next year the mods that volunteered to help out, my wife, my brother, and i built this site a change this week a change that week sometimes 4-9 changes at a time.. ironing out the feel and tone of the board.

New moderators have come on board, other have left us, the member ship grows and falls, participation varies, But as we close on our 2 year anniversary we can say that we are still standing, we are still growing, we are still learning, we are still having fun, we are still a hobby site by hobbyists, and we may have plenty more growing pains to come but we are growing!!![/quote]so now i will fast forward to August 2013 -

We have built a force to be reckoned with, 2 1/2 years, 90,000 posts, a great Moderating team, a great Administrative partnership, and members that i would not trade for the world....


some nub sucker attacked our home with some insidious virus. They tried to block even me from our work of joy and passion. Our forum provider could not and would not help us solve the issue and essentially tore me up for asking.

So we chose a new provider.

[s]My[/s] OUR amazing team pulled out all the stops.

[s]My[/s] OUR members threw themselves into the mix and asked "what can I do to help"

We united and built this new chapter from the ground up. when i signed in a little over 24 hours ago there was ONE content area and ONE thread. in less than 24 hours this team has built from the ashes a new Stamp Bears Adventure.

I do not care what site you are from, what site you are on now, WE (STAMP BEARS) have the BEST team and members on the internet.

End of this chapter.

let the adventure continue.


Please note that all previous links will be removed as the former site is no loner available. 

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