Friday, October 18, 2013

Thoughts of my collection...

I am certain that most collectors will understand....

I ran home today to grab some lunch and decided to sit at my desk... recently i moved a large portion of my collection to the shelf above my seat and to a beautiful bakers rack located to my right. I was just kind of free thinking about nothing in particular when i recalled how each and every album came to me. How each collection started and grew into what it is now and where various important (to me) pieces came from.

Oddly enough I posted a game clue in the same fashion of a game we played on the old board and I started to hunt through some of my Picasa albums.. Sure enough - the beginnings of a lot of things are there.

My album move after deciding to expand and move the US album, the large lot I bought with the binders and dust covers that became home to my Canadian collection.. Pictures of purchases I have shared, stamps in various collections, and even stamps I have swapped away a long time ago..

Funny how some non-collectors think things do not change in this hobby or in one’s own collection and growth...

Ever have a day like this?

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