Friday, October 18, 2013

October 2013

For those who are not members yet, I want to say I am sorry.

Sorry that you are missing Member appreciation month at Stamp Bears!!

After all this time we recently brought back the Member of the Month, a Member of the Month Highlight thread, we are running contests and games all month long AND in general have a great time sharing our collections, ideas, and questions..

In a recent email I was asked why the Blog and other sites slowed down over the last year. Well, I do not have a clear or simple answer to that. One of the reasons is that our member ship has become very active over these last few months and life off line has added various demands on my time.

Not to mention the collection!!

As my collection and I grow and change I share it on Stamp Bears. its hard to share it here since I know many of our readers are members also.. If by chance you are not a member - Please join us, we want to hear form you.

Happy Stamping,


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