Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stamp Inspired Learning..

Now most collectors would agree that stamp collecting is a great tool for learning a number of topics. Geography, Politics, General History, and Social Movements all come to mind immediately when this conversation comes up. But what about more specific topics? Instead of taking a set of Stamps or an over all theme let us look at one stamp in particular.

One of our members started a thread What Can You Learn From One Stamp? - Blues Master Robert Johnson that demonstrates the amazing amount of information that can be uncovered once a particular stamp is investigated further.

In another thread our members have been learning about the Pony Express. As most collectors fro the US can tell you if you have anything to do with US postage this topic is the basis for mail delivery here.

Feel free to stop by and read more on these and many other topics at Stamp Bears.

And as always HAPPY STAMPING!!


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