Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Story's through stamps...

Many collectors love to look up the story behind the stamps they so carefully collect. I am no exception to this general practice as, like most, I find the history behind the stamp intriguing. As with most collectors i also find myself exploring well beyond my starting point and traveling through the mist to another era. Wandering the halls of grand buildings and perhaps living in the midst of some of the worlds key moments. 

Ahhh, but what if i could be the creator of the time and place? Sure I have played with the idea of Cinderella stamp making (even tried a few), but i mean really tell a story with the stamps. What if there was no such limitations on the story as time, space, or even reality for that matter? 

OK before I continue i must state clearly here, I WILL NEVER GROW UP!!! I have a time and place to be the responsible adult and parent etc. but when it comes to stories weather I am reading them, playing them, watching them, or participating in writing them I WILL NEVER GROW UP! 

With this statement firmly in my mind I brought to the boards the suggestion that we attempt a Stamp Story. 

Bear wrote: 
"This idea is a bit odd but i think we may find some enjoyment and perhaps even learn a little more as we go along... 
simply put post an image of a stamp and start a bit of a story that appears to be related to this stamp. the next person to post will post another stamp and continue the story. and the next will post another and continue and so on until either we are unable to continue or folks lose interest LOL.. there is no real point to the story and each person who contributes can take the story to any where, any time, or any other turn they feel inspired to take. "

And so the adventure has begun. This story has only started but already a few members are adding there unique twists to the story. I am very interested to see how such a story will go since we have such a wide international community. Obviously each writer will bring with them their own preferences, experiences, and culture. so when we blend them what happens?

To read along as we develop Visit A Stamp Story if you want to participate in this or any of our great threads on Stamp Bears register and please join in the conversation.

As always,
Happy Stamping!!



  1. That is such a cool idea. The little story tidbits from stamps is what my son and I love about the hobby. He would love making our own.

  2. Thanks realmsgamer!! we are having fun with that thread on the board and would love to have (and your son) join right on in!!