Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beginners Corner at Stamp Bears

So why do we have a beginners corner at Stamp Bears?  I try to take my personal experience as a new collector in the digital age and generate what I find useful in the hopes that others will too. There are many resources out there for collectors, search engines to help you find millions of sites with similar topics and great information. HOWEVER how many sites are inclusive with various types of information that will not only help the investment collector but the really new guy as well? Do not miss understand my point there are a lot of sites that cater to one or the other but very few (some, just not a lot) that cater to both. Even fewer are the sites that cater to the "collector" (investor new or old) and the "hobbyist" ( collecting for collecting sake and fun not as hung up on values - new or old).

Stamp Bears was created with all of this in mind. Our first members (aside from my wife and myself that is) are all like minded people who have made HUGE contributions to our site and the hobby in general in my opinion.
I would like to take a moment here and thank all of these dedicated members that started with us just about a year ago. Even if some have not been able to contribute lately for any number of reasons, our community thanks you greatly for your posts, effort, time, and energy. Saying "thank you" is not quite strong enough to convey our gratitude.

I would do our readers and members a disservice my attempting to generate a list here by join date, post count, or some other criteria that could never reflect the true contributions made. I would like to highlight a few of the many who helped get us going.. In no particular order;


and many many more to include our newest members that keep making this a great site..

All of your contributions are appreciated even if we forget o mention it from time to time.

In recent months we have been working really hard to bring in more collectors from both sides of the collecting spectrum and everywhere in between. Not to make small or take away from all of the contributions of our great members, but rather to add to them and continue growth.

When I get asked where to go by a person who is interested in starting out in the world of stamp collecting. Naturally I directed him to the stamp collecting beginners corner at Stamp Bears. We have topics covering everything from Essential Tools to Cancellations.. But we are always looking to add to this area.

We do hope that this area not only meets the needs of the new collector and hobbyist but will continue to grow and meet the needs of every collector.
Do you have a question not answered? do you have information you wish to share? Stop in and register i am sure our great community will be eager to hear from you..

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