Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mail Art

What is Mail Art? This seemingly simple question takes on a life of its own in the right circles. Some would say simply that labels, artistamps (also knows as Cinderella's), and stickers are the only forms of Mail Art. Others would argue that a specially designed cover (envelope for the uninitiated) would be the "true" form of Mail Art, and yet others still would classify Mail Art as any object, postcard, hand craft, or unusual object you can get the postal service to put through is Mail Art (I have seen very well decorated paper plates used!!)..

These are all correct. Yep, I said it! I refuse to take a stand on this one. These are all examples of some of the creativity that can be send via the postal service around the world as Mail Art. From time to time I will set up a great swap with some one or send a gift out and have been know to use a custom design on my covers and even from time to time used a Cinderella that either I have designed, or has been designed for Stamp Bears. I would even go one step further and classify a great cover with a unique set of stamps to be Mail Art. I try to select a theme and make all the stamps work together. At times I have even had the image go along with the stamps to tie the whole package into one great piece of Mail Art.

I would love to have others add to these thoughts on Stamp Bears.

Hope to see you there!!

Happy Stamping!

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