Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stamps of WWII Germany Collection

A quote from Bear Sat 13 Aug 2011
"i have started to re-entertain the idea of doing a WWII era collection.. now i have the over run countries set from the US and i think this is a good place to start from.. as i have 2 sets of these i was considering the following...

one binder with stock pages each section would be dedicated to Germany, each of the over run countries, and all of the Allies with stamps from that era .. now the complication (aside from acquisition LOL) there are also some stamps that have been issued shortly after that pay tribute.. i struggle with if these should be included or not..

what are your thoughts? i know its my decision in the end but i like to bounce things off people..."

From this Thread on WWII stamps over the course of the next few months (and even up until now) I have been working on this collection and the album from time to time. Keep in mind that this collection is not a promotional tool but rather a historical reminder of a darker time in history.

With the guidance of members I became inspired to create my own album pages here is an example of one of them -

After the creation of the basic album I posted it in PDF format on my wife's site for free download. Here is the link to that page stampsfrommoonstra . we also added a page (in the right column) for you to access free stamp album pages here!!

I find that as time passes and more information is learned I will need to add more pages and also expand into the study of postmarks from this era.

My hope is that our community, old members and new, can breath some new life into this discussion. If you would like to add your comments and suggestions to the thread feel free to join us at Stamp Bears to do so.

Thanks for reading and Happy Stamping!!


  1. Hi,
    Nice idea!

    We also offer a FREE excel list of all Cyprus stamps issued from 1880 up to present date, which includes First Day Covers (from 1965 - JF Kennedy was the first Cyprus official cover).

    It's hard work keeping it up to date as it also provides the catalogue values (Stanley Gibbons prices) and is a very useful tool for insurance valuation purposes or simply to keep a quick check of missing or wants.

    Maybe the forum members could do something similar in their own area of expertise?

    Kind regards

  2. i saw that and requested a copy :) .. it would be up to the member if they wanted too ;) ...