Monday, June 4, 2012

Buying and Going through large stamp lots

In stamp collecting larger lots are often called Kiloware. These are large lots of random stamps that typically have high duplication, perhaps some damaged stamps, and the buyer had little to no idea what is in the mix.

Why would a collector who works so hard to have a neat and organized collection buy such a lot? Often it is the thrill of the hunt. One never knows what treasures may be lurking within. But from time to time a collector will make the investment to not only find things they want but also to have material for trading or sales.

Some of our great members have started telling us about there experiences with Kiloware in a wonderful thread titled Adventures in Kiloland. After being inspired by the wonderful stories and accounts passed on in this thread I made a purchase myself and started another thread talking about scoring big when you find a great deal. Now I may not have found a treasure yet but as you read about Stamp Scores you will be able to follow my journey and see what turns up.

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