Monday, June 11, 2012

Collectors with out a club.....

It is surprising how many members have told me that they don't have access to a Stamp Club in their area. Granted it took me a year to find one and they stopped operating for the season the day I found them!

But even before that I found that some form of guidance was needed. Sure books are helpful and the internet is a place of remarkable information. But how does one know where to look? More important when you cannot locate the answer to your question independently how do you figure out what direction to take?

There have been times during my own stamp collecting growth that I was unaware of WHAT I was looking for! Simply put I had not developed my vocabulary enough to pursue an effective search.

In this digital age we, as collectors have options! A lot of them for sure. But, as I am prone to do, I have to speak to Stamp Bears Forum. A recent article by member Skilo54 concerns stamps of Lundy & Herm Island Local Issues . this thread not only has beautiful scans of the stamps in question but opens the way for further conversation on this topic.

This is just one of THOUSANDS of examples of how Forums have added to this great hobby of ours.

Stop by and see if you can contribute or learn from one of our many threads.



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