Thursday, June 28, 2012

Over Run Countries 1944

The Overrun Countries series (known to collectors as the Flag set), was produced as a tribute to the thirteen nations that had been occupied by the Axis Powers. The thirteen stamps present full color images of the national flags of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Yugoslavia, Albania, Austria, Denmark, and Korea, with the names of the respective countries written beneath. 

To the left of each flag appears the image of the phoenix, which symbolizes the renewal of life, and to its right appears a kneeling female figure with arms raised, breaking the shackles of servitude. The stamps with flags of European countries were released at intervals from June to December 1943, while the Korea flag stamp was released in November 1944.

Here is a nice scan of the set

Our members have shown that simple collecting the set alone is not enough!! In our thread Over Run Countries Set members explore Mint, Used, Blocks, Covers, and more. While statistics suggest that this set was not as popular at the time of issue as the "Win the War" stamps, over time these have taken a significant roll in the collecting world. 

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