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1893 Columbian Exposition Issues

Member Bengalpaws Wrote

The Columbian Issue, often simply called the Columbians, is a set of 16 postage stamps issued by the United States to mark the 1893 World Columbian Exposition held in Chicago. The finely-engraved stamps were the first commemorative stamps issued by the United States, depicting various events during the career of Christopher Columbus and are today highly prized by collectors.

to start us off on a great adventure exploring this series of stamps.

This thread permited members to explore and converse about many aspects related to this exposition. Krash101 later contributed

I have a "thing" with the Expo related stamps and esoterica. For instance I collect tickets and brochures and of course the stamps. here is some of my material without bombarding you with a million scans...haha..

Columbian issues
The stamps that I have:

the tickets

the set


Other stuff:

Centennial Exposition 1876 ticket (2 front and back), Golden Gate International Exposition ticket to Fine arts Palace and some Pan-Pacific tickets..

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