Monday, January 14, 2013

Ever Changing Markets

One would imagine that in this age of lightning fast internet, auction sites popping up all over the place, and social networks getting more and more like minded people together you could find a pretty stable stamp market. Right? Right?

Ummmmm.... NO

In fact we at Stamp Bears (and other places) have noted that the market swings even further than most other markets and for longer periods of time.

In a thread called country price ranges We talk about this very issue. I will admit it is a bit discouraging for a stamper on a budget when the average price of the stamps you are looking for are 3-6 times what they cost just a few months ago!!

I really really would love you have your input on the matter and see what you may suggest.

There are 2 ways you can participate. 1 (also the easiest) is to register with us and join the conversations (its free!!) or 2- (a bit more of a challenge  is post a response here and we can add it to the conversation for members to comment on.. The Main issue with number 2 is that it may take time for me to add your thoughts...

Well off to further explore this issue and hopefully have some stampy fun along the way..

Happy Stamping!!


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