Thursday, January 10, 2013

A new year dawns at Stamp Bears

It has been quite a while my Guests.. Over the last few months we have done a lot with Stamp Bears.

We have broken records, set and accomplished goals, seen our membership grow, and most of all we have shared in this wonderful stamp collecting adventure.

We have altered the look and function of the boards and decided to make a harder push to keep Stamp Bears on the path to greatness. (some members feel we are there!)

Stamp collecting has not only brought us around the globe through our study of the stamps but also in the way we connect with other collectors. One member, Indestrore23, is on a trip around Asia and is sending postcards to members to mark her adventure, a new member,PostmasterGS, from Japan is sharing his incredible wealth of knowledge be sharing his stamp collection of German Stamps , and Waroff49 is teaching us about Malaysia

Stop in and read a bit, if you like what you see register (its free) and join the conversations, we would love to hear form you!!

Keep it stampy,


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