Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little help TO my friends.

You know in almost every post I try to tell you all about the great things going on at Stamp Bears..

Today, however, I would like to not only thank my great members who post daily on Stamp Bears and help to create a great community, but I also want to mention a few blogs from members..

A wonderful supporter of our site and a great guy in general our member Jubilee writes Global Philately .. This mans adventures are not only amazing to read about but through his unique and constant writing style you can join his adventure as he goes through his collection.

Another contributor is a member called Youpaio and he not only designed and donated our sites anniversary Cinderella last year but he also writes The Phrugal Filatelist . Stop by and learn a few things from this wonderful writer and collector!.

Now if its United States Album pages you want our next member  Philatelius writes a wonderful blog and provides some amazing album pages. Once you visit philosateleiag/ don't forget to sign up for his newsletter!!

Now if you are one who is interested in stamps of Scandinavia then the blog Scandinavian Stamps is certainly for you!! I will not lie here I do not collect these stamps and can get lost for hours reading through these posts!!

While I am certain to have missed a lot of members blogs I just had to share these with you today!

Visit our members pages, stop by Stamp Bears and have a look around.. Above all -

Keep it stampy!


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